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Tax Policy

Taxes are a crucial element enabling governments to deliver key services to society such as health, education, housing and infrastructure. While tax legislation and enforcement are governmental responsibilities, companies also have an important role as a tax payer. They need to comply with the law, and also to ensure responsible taxation. LANXESS believes a responsible approach to tax is an integral part of doing sustainable business in a robust, well-functioning society. We view the fulfillment of tax obligations as our commitment to a well-functioning society.


Our Tax Policy “Taxation at LANXESS” is based on the LANXESS Corporate Compliance Codex and the LANXESS Code of Business Conduct. LANXESS has a robust governance framework founded on LANXESS's Articles of Association, the LANXESS Code of Business Conduct, the company's Management Framework including Corporate Requirements and Directives, and its risk management system. LANXESS's tax position is consistent with the normal course of its business operations and reflects the geographic spread of its activities. In 2017 the USA tax reform had an extraordinary effect on the income tax in the AMERICAS region.


Taxation at LANXESS

Taxation at LANXESS

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Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

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